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Best Women’s Multivitamin

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Best Women’s Multivitamin

Many women our age want to know what the best women’s multivitamin is. I have studied, looked at, bought, and taken many! Because I have some experience in the journey, let me share what I’ve found. I want to say right up front that we are all different. We will all respond in different ways to different stimuli.

One thing is sure, supplements are needed to fill in the gaps that are left as we age. Our bodies become less efficient at absorbing and processing vitamins and minerals. Taking supplements can greatly increase our well-being in all areas of our lives!

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Why Laughter Is Important

Why Laughter Is Important

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that laughter іѕ the best mеdісіnе… well thеrе’ѕ plenty оf еvіdеnсе to back it up. Here are some of the physical health benefits and reasons why laughter is important. LAUGHTER…..

• Boosts іmmunіtуwhy laughter is important
• Lоwеrѕ ѕtrеѕѕ hоrmоnеѕ
• Dесrеаѕеѕ раіn
• Relaxes your muѕсlеѕ
• Prеvеntѕ hеаrt disease


Why Laughter Is Important for Mental Health…

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STOP SNORING WOMEN!stop snoring women

This is not just a man’s problem (as you already know)! Stop snoring women caught your eye because YOU snore and want to stop, or someone right next to you snores and you want to stop them! And no matter who, your sleep is affected and it’s time to do something about it. Right?!? OK!

I remember going on a few women’s retreats and there were always stories flying the very first morning… “You can’t believe how loud So-and-So snores!” “I didn’t sleep a wink because Whoosie snored all night!”

“I’m never sleeping with You Know Who ever again! Lumberjack! She sawed logs all night!”  

stop snoring women

Anyway, it appears snoring has affected you in some way and it’s time to stop snoring women! I discovered a stop-snoring aid quite by accident. It’s called the Good Morning Snore Solution! It is rarely a good morning when you or someone near you snores, so the name in itself brings some hope.

The Good Morning Snore Solution’s journey began in 2007 as a solution to a need for a more convenient and economical solution for patients suffering from sleep apnea and snoring. CPAP and custom mandibular appliances were the rule of the day, but sleep researchers saw the need for alternatives. The task was undertaken by Dr. Leslie Dort, a dentist and sleep researcher from Calgary. She was the one who created the initial prototypes and conducted all the testing for safety and effectiveness.

stop snoring womenDr. Nancy Markley, another Calgarian, first saw the device in 2007, and listened to the stories of people adversely affected by snoring and sleep apnea. She founded MPowrx in a quest to bring this innovation to those seeking relief worldwide.

In the company’s words, “What makes our products unique? Unlike other anti-snoring devices, the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece takes a unique approach by using a suction effect to gently pull the tongue forward, creating a clear airway resulting in a comfortable and quiet night’s sleep.”

Stop Snoring Women!                                                           …..Try the Good Morning Snore Solution !

Here are a few testimonials:

stop snoring women

stop snoring women

Try the Good Morning Snore Solution RISK FREE-30 Days!

In Closing… SLEEP IS SO IMPORTANT!!!  We must do our very best to get the best, restful sleep possible. If snoring is an issue, than it’s time to be proactive and find a solution. Don’t give up! You need to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to meet the day! I’ll be covering other sleep stealers soon. Until then…

THRIVE! OK? stop snoring women


What Are the Symptoms of a Vitamin D Deficiency?

what are the symptoms of a vitamin d deficiencyChances are you are asking the question, “What are the symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency?” because you suspect you may have one. Getting 100% of our daily recommended vitamins is so important at this time in our lives ladies, and Vitamin D is essential!

First, let’s take a look at what Vitamin D does for us. From an early age, Vitamin D iscrucial to bone (and teeth) development because it helps the bones to absorb calcium from food. Later in life, it helps to prevent brittle bones and fractures. How many times have you heard that an over 50 person broke their hip? If you get regular check-ups, your doctor is going to recommend taking calcium supplements, but Vitamin D is crucial to the absorption of the calcium. The proper amount of Vitamin D may also optimize your immune system and decrease your chances for heart disease and multiple sclerosis. Continue reading…

Signs! Symptoms! Menopause!

signs! symptoms! menopause!Signs! Symptoms! Menopause! is the title I chose for this article because we all want to know, “Are we really here? Is this IT? The long awaited curse of the mature woman?” Well let me tell you, if you are experiencing the following signs and symptoms…..


I decided to address the topic of menopause because typically, a woman goes through menopause around the age of 50. Obviously, this varies. My partner will be 59 this year, and she hasn’t gone through yet. As a matter of fact, she still has her period!!!

OK… So the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when menopause is brought up, is a woman sweating and ripping off her clothes. That is, unless you are a husband of a woman going through menopause; he will envision a women sweating and ripping his head off!

Yes, a tell tale sign of menopause is hot flashes. We all know this! Some women begin having hot flashes in the premenopausal years, and others don’t start until after their final menstrual period. Either way, !! dun dun dun !! menopause is probably here or close by!signs! symptoms! menopause!

Signs! Symptoms! Menopause!       ………………….Oh My!            

Our periods change. They come closer together and can last more than a week. We can experience spotting and heavy bleeding. When we are period-free for an entire year, we are finally THROUGH!

According to the National Institute on Aging, and anyone who’s been THROUGH, we also experience vaginal dryness and bladder control issues! This is not fun. I can remember being on the dance floor at a friend’s daughter’s 30th birthday party, laughing so hard I couldn’t move. I couldn’t move because the pee was running down my legs and forming into a pool beneath my drenched sandals. Yes! Signs! Symptoms! Menopause! I’m THROUGH, but was sorely tested.

Sleep patterns can be affected and our desire for sex can change. Some want it more, some want it less. Our bodies undergo some major changes also. It seems like puberty in reverse. Instead of things firmin’ and perkin’, they’re saggin’ and draggin’.signs! symptoms! menopause!

Other symptoms include irritability, inflammation, mood swings of the volatile variety, fatigue, and anxiety (Quadagno, 2014). Other than those, we’re lots of fun to be around! Take some advice from Maxine! OK… Maybe not!

Please leave a menopause story or share some ways you’ve learned to get THROUGH these trying times in the comments section below. Other women will benefit, and you could even save a life! 🙂

Thrive! OK? ….. robin2

Quadagno, J. (2014) Aging and the life course: an introduction to social gerontology(6th ed.)              New York, NY:Mc-Graw-Hill