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Brain Exercises for Seniors – It Isn’t What You Think

Hi Ladies! Brain exercises for seniors catches our attention doesn’t it? I’ve shared a couple of stories about my mom and my friend’s mom. They both have passed, and they both had forms of dementia. It certainly gets your attention and you definitely take a deeper look at aging.

I’ll be honest with you. I really struggle with exercise. I know how important it is and yet… (I’m starting Monday). Now brain exercises for seniors? I’m not sure if you have visited Senior.com (great site), but I really like it and have posted some of their articles on my FB page.  Here is something I think you will happy knowing.

“In a recent study, Shannon Hallaway, Ph.D., a researcher at Rush University School of Nursing, found that higher levels of physical activity done as a part of normal life is associated with more gray matter in the brain. This randomized control group of 262 participants with a mean age of 81

participated in activities and common daily undertakings such as gardening, walking pets and doing general housework. As volume of gray matter in the brain decreases with aging, anything that provides an increase in a valuable tool – particularly when dealing with Alzheimer’s and other diseases that cause large decreases in brain mass. While we can’t be sure that it will hold true for those who are younger, it still holds promise that the specific physical activity is less important for cognitive health than the fact that physical activities are done. So, let’s all get moving!” How many of you thought you sitting around doing crosswords was the answer? They’re good too, but we know in our hearts that moving is key.

I have placed the following video on my site once before, and I’ll probably do it again. It is only 6:40 long and probably the most beneficial 6 minutes and 40 seconds of video I’ve watched. The doctor is not an actor so be patient. Nothing is trying to be sold. Just great info that may change your life.


This is SOOO doable right? Choose a physical activity you enjoy and do it with all your might until you MUST stop. Start increasing your BDNF and…

Thrive! OK?

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Early Menopause Signs and Symptoms

early menopause signs symptomsMenopause is a time in a woman’s life when she stops having menstrual periods. On average, menopause occurs at 51 years of age, and commonly between the ages of 48 and 55 years. Premature menopause occurs in women as early as in their 30s or early 40s. The reasons for this phenomenon are largely unknown. Menopause is a natural process that a woman’s body experiences that ends fertility. A woman who has had a hysterectomy can induce menopause. Menopause is caused by a complex series of hormonal changes. These changes can lead to a large variety of symptoms that vary from woman to woman. Although there are some women who report that they… Continue reading…

Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease – AGAIN!

diagnosis of alzheimer's

Mom and I cruising Portsmouth Harbor

It is difficult to hear another diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease again. I know I’ve shared about my own mom and how she passed 5 years ago My Mother Had a Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease; and now my partner’s mom died yesterday of the same thing. Hers was a worse case. It seems Alzheimer’s victims can react in different ways. My mom found a happy place and stayed there. She had a few happy memories and funny stories, and repeated them over and over. She was no trouble except she couldn’t be left alone and she was in danger of burning the house down with her smoking. Continue reading…

Compassion – Come Passion!

girl outside looking to her leftWhat are you passionate about today ladies? Please comment below if you’re up to it. Passions change throughout the years right? I mean, when I was little, my passion was to go to Grandma’s as often as possible. I was her first granddaughter and the apple of her eye. She bought me things and took me places, but mostly I remember how much she loved having me around.

I love this quote from Sheryl Crow . It’s compelling. It is really worth a minute or two of meditation. Having compassion may be different than what you think. Continue reading…

Forgive – Forget? 8 Healing Strategies

Forgive – Forget? I know from experience it is not easy to let go of an incident that has caused you pain. Forgiving the person that caused the pain is a challenge for sure, but so important to thriving as a woman over 50! It is a gift you give yourself!

In many cases, the other person might not even care if you forgive them. You forgive others because the evidence is in. It is healthy, you feel better all around, you take back your power and enjoy your life again. It is definitely the best thing you can do for yourself. If the other person benefits, even better.

You Can Do This! – Consider These Healing Strategies

1. Understand what forgiveness really means. Some people erroneously believe that forgiveness means giving the other person a chance to hurt you again. This isn’t necessarily so. You can forgive someone and make the decision to never speak to them again. Forgiveness simply means that you’re not going to dwell on the situation anymore. You’ve decided to not feel bad about it anymore. You’re moving on with your life and letting go of the past.

2. Accept that the past can never be changed. There’s no time machine to undo what has been done. There’s nothing the other person can say that will completely erase what happened. The only way you’ll be okay is to forgive.

3. What do you believe you’re gaining from not forgiving? Are you punishing the other person? Do you believe that your anger is the proper response, so you’re simply going to maintain it? What do you gain from holding on to your pain?
Some people refuse to forgive someone that they never even see anymore. Your hurt and anger have absolutely no impact on someone in this situation. They’ve moved on with their lives, and you’re only punishing yourself.

Spend a Little PRODUCTIVE Time with Your Pain

4. Acknowledge your pain. You can’t release pain that you’re not willing to acknowledge. Sit with your pain and avoid judging it. Just feel it and notice its qualities. Where do you feel it in your body? How would you describe it? Acknowledge and evaluate your pain honestly.

5. Understand the cost of not forgiving. What is it costing you to maintain your feelings of resentment? Is it preventing you from enjoying your life? Are you unable to have another relationship? Is it keeping you up at night? Do you feel angry all day? Withholding forgiveness isn’t free. It costs you in some way.

6. List the benefits of forgiving. Obviously, all of the costs of not forgiving are erased, but there’s more. There’s peace and freedom. There’s the knowledge that you have control over your emotions. You know that you have choices to change how you feel. Consequently, what can you do for yourself that’s more beneficial than forgiveness? Here is another article I wrote on forgiveness: http://womenover50thrive.com/examples-of-forgiveness-in-the-bible

You May Never Forget – Forgiving Is Key to a Healthy You

7. Forgive. Make the decision to let it go. Avoid thinking about the matter anymore. When your thoughts drift back to that situation, gently direct them to something else. Make a list of things that bring you happiness and keep it nearby.

8. Learn. What lesson can you take away from the situation? It might be obvious, like “Don’t get involved with someone that has a drug addiction,” or “Never loan money to a friend.” Maybe it’s something subtler. Where there’s pain, there’s usually a lesson to be learned.

In closing ladies, make the decision to forgive and move on. The pain you’re causing yourself isn’t worth holding onto your angst. Evaluate your resistance to forgiveness by listing the costs of maintaining that position, and then list the benefits of letting go. Let go of your pain, you have everything to gain! Forgive those who have hurt you, forgive yourself if you have caused pain and…..

Thrive! OK?

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Your Parents’ Stuff – And What About Your Own?

Oh my! How we accumulate “stuff” throughout the years! What with the popularity of Hoarders and assessing our own “stuff-we-may-need” reserve, we can see it takes an aggressive approach to whittle down. Minimalist living is on the rise, and I am a fan. However, if you visited my home you would see a plethora of in-my-eyes-only treasures, and what-the-heck-are-you-thinking doohickies all around.

I had to fly to Florida to clean out my parents’ house when my mom moved back up here after being diagnosed with dementia. My folks weren’t hoarders, but there was still quite a bit of stuff to go through. I was thankful for their efforts to get rid of the unnecessary things and I want to do the same for my children. If you ever find yourself in this position, it’s hard work.

It seems no one wants old stuff anymore. Stuff that at one time meant something to your folks. You really have to harden your heart to throw things away that you know would be of no value to anyone else. I just had to do this within the last two months with my partner’s parents. They had very nice things, but after the estate sale… much of it remained. It wasn’t junk either.

“At least a half dozen times a year, families come to me and say: ‘What do we do with all this stuff?’” says financial adviser Holly Kylen of Kylen Financials in Lititz, Pa. The answer: lots of luck. Dining room tables and chairs, end tables and armoires (“brown” pieces) have become furniture non grata. Antiques are antiquated. “Old mahogany stuff from my great aunt’s house is basically worthless,” says Chris Fultz, co-owner of Nova Liquidation, in Luray, Va.

On PBS’s Antiques Roadshow, prices for certain types of period furniture have dropped so much that some episode reruns note current, lower estimated appraisals. And if you’re thinking your grown children will gladly accept your parents’ items, if only for sentimental reasons, you’re likely in for an unpleasant surprise.

“Young couples starting out don’t want the same things people used to have,” says Susan Devaney, president of NASMM and owner of The Mavins Group, a senior move manager in Westfield, N.J. “They’re not picking out formal china patterns anymore. I have three sons. They don’t want anything of mine. I totally get it.”

As luck would have it, I helped a friend of my pack and she had another friend helping also. That friend worked at a place called Household Goods, a non-profit run by an 80-year couple (who started it in their 40’s). They have grown to a massive warehouse now, where they allow those needing to set up house to come and shop for free! I took this info and ended up donating beautiful dishes, pots and pans, furniture etc., knowing that they were going to families in need. Finding a place like this is my #1 recommendation for situations like this, or to downsize your own home. A partner to this recommendation is “Don’t wait until you have to rush!” Bless people with things your not using and you will double your joy! There are many organizations who will gladly accept your treasures and doohickies. So give, donate and…..

Thrive! OK?


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Garden with Your Grandchildren – Plant Seeds for a Lifetime

plant seeds Children love to garden; so plant seeds ladies! Letting them get involved is fun for everybody – not to mention educational. There are many flowers and vegetables which will intrigue little gardeners. Miniature garden tools are also available which makes it so much fun for them!

I realize it’s a little bit late to plant some things, but there are still gardening activities left to be done. This post was meant for those of you who love to garden and would find joy in sharing that with your grandchildren. They love to play in the dirt, watch bugs, look at pretty flowers… and spend time with grandma. You can teach along the way, and build memories that will last a lifetime!

Believe it or not, there are many plants that teach children about the five senses. For instance, sunflowers come in a variety of colors and sizes, and are a great way to introduce the difference between orange, yellow, red and white. Mint and dill are both very fragrant and simple to grow. Kids will be surprised to learn that mint is available in many unique fragrances such as chocolate, pineapple and lemon! Dill smells like pickles and has feathery foliage, which is fun to touch.

Plant Seeds for a Lifetime

What child isn’t intrigued by a pumpkin? Allowing them to grow their own will make their Halloween jack-o’-lantern all the more special. Purchase seed varieties that produce white pumpkins or miniature pumpkins for a bigger surprise at harvest time. Gourds are interesting too! So many colors and sizes…..plant seeds

Bunny tails are a fluffy choice that kids will find interesting. It’s actually ornamental grass that produces “powder puff-like” flowers. Maybe you could incorporate a trip to the pet store to look at real bunny tails first. Doing a craft is fun too. Maybe a bunny mosiac for the garden or a stepping stone with your grandchild’s name. So plant seeds, make memories they will always have… bring joy to your heart and…

Thrive! OK?

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Find Joy in Your Life – Live Longer and Feel Better

Find Joy in Your Life – Live Longer and Feel Better

find joy in your life live longer and feel betterTo find joy in your life, to live longer and feel better, you need only to stop chasing the impossible. The quest for longer life has fascinated mankind for centuries. From the search to find the fountain of youth to creating Frankensteins to cryogenics, we’ve looked. On any given day, you can see advertisements to for products to extend life. From special diets to supplements, from medical procedures to exercise regimens, you can see it all. Yet somewhere in the fray, perhaps the most effective formula for life extension has been pushed to the back-burner. Continue reading…

Women Aging Gracefully – 6 Examples of the Upside of Aging

Women Aging Gracefully – The Upside of Aging

women-aging-gracefullyGetting older as a woman can be a real downer (everything seems to be going down…). Women aging gracefully is a popular Google search and for good reason. We want to know how to do it as everything seems to be falling….. Almost every single day, you can come across an article or blog post addressing all the things that can go wrong as you age. I’ve written about some on this site! But I have purposed to balance them with providing upsides too! Yes, there are a few! I’m not going to try and pass growing older off as a magical experience, but some real good times are there for you to experience if you’ll take the time to look. Here are a few: Continue reading…