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Hi Ladies! I am so glad you decided to stop by for a visit to the site for women over 50 to chill and laugh and learn! My experience as a woman over 50 is now a full decade and beyond! My desire is to provide a place for you to visit for encouragement, recommendations, insight, laughter, venting and well… everything women over 50 would be blessed by. Please leave a comment, let me know what you’d like to see, and check out my “About Me” page.

Just for Laughs – Three Women Over 50

Three women over 50 were having lunch together in one of their homes. One confesses, “I was half-way up the stairs the other day, and I couldn’t remember if I was going up or down!” The other ladies laugh and one counters, “I know what you mean. I was standing in front of the refrigerator yesterday and couldn’t remember if I was putting something in or taking something out!” As the laughter dies down, the third woman chimes in, “I haven’t really had any problems as of yet, knock on wood (she knocks on the table). Oh,” she says, “There is someone at the door!”

Women Over 50 Have So Much to Offer!

I watched my mom go to another land after my dad died. She had good, good friends and she still played golf and went to the Moose Lodge every once in awhile. But all who knew her would tell you, she just wasn’t the same. 

My mom had a wit like no other. I’ll tell you stories along the way, but she knew how to make people laugh. It was such a pleasure to laugh with her!

Women over 50 have experienced at least 50 years on this earth (profound I know)! And we know a few things don’t we? It’s our time ladies… it really is!

First we have to do for mom and dad, then our husbands and kids; and then it seems mom and dad come back around in a different setting. We really need to take this time to make sure we are doing things that bring us joy, peace, and contentment in these years. It may be that we need to take care of parents or financial obligations, but we need to make the best of these years, and it’s all up to us. We can thrive! We really can! So………..

Thrive! OK? …. food for brain health

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What Is Fibromyalgia and What Causes It?

If you are asking the question, “What is fibromyalgia and what causes it,” than chances are your concern is close to home. Fibromyalgia is defined as a chronic disorder which negatively affects the mind and body. It can devastate an active lifestyle and is characterized by overwhelming fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and much more.what-is-fibromyalgia

The exact medical translation of the term fibromyalgia is “pain in the muscles, ligaments and tendons.” However, if you suffer from fibromyalgia, you will know that this definition falls far short of explaining the range of effects the condition causes you.

Difficult to Diagnose

Searching for a diagnosis and relief from the symptoms of fibromyalgia can be frustrating. You may experience a long journey of medical tests to rule out other conditions such as lupus, thyroid and arthritis.

The pain and other symptoms of fibromyalgia may vary at times. One day you may experience energy and freedom from pain. The next day, extreme pain and complete lack of motivation reigns.

The variability in type and frequency of symptoms has made effective diagnosis and study very elusive. This has led to many instances of misdiagnosis. You can read about the early signs of fibromyalgia here.

When health professionals have not managed to connect the dots, the symptoms have often been attributed to alternative conditions. Often symptoms are treated in isolation instead of part of a condition. Many sufferers report years of condescending attitudes from doctors and even loved ones. They hint at hypochondria due to not having a “real” diagnosed condition.

Debilitating and Far-reaching

The chronic pain and fatigue caused by this disorder may cause some people to withdraw from activities they used to enjoy. They experience failure to work at the pace they need. what-is-fibromyalgia

Many who suffer with the condition lose their jobs. Some are unable to properly care for children or take care of other normal, on-going responsibilities.

Physical repercussions of fibromyalgia may include irritable bowel syndrome and overactive bladder. This makes it even more difficult to leave home or socialize with others.

Mental and Emotional Health Affected

Depression and anxiety may often accompany the symptoms of fibromyalgia. This is especially true if the person feels emotionally unsupported. The domino effect of this heinous disorder can cause a person to give up on ever enjoying a normal life again.

Fibromyalgia isn’t new. In fact, it has been around for centuries. People (most likely) have been diagnosed with rheumatism or other diseases of the joints and muscles.

The medical community has been slow to accept the disorder as a viable state of chronic pain originating in the body’s tissues. However, most have recently come around to the fact that fibromyalgia is a distinct medical syndrome.

Women Most Affected By Fibromyalgia

what-is-fibromyalgiaFibromyalgia is complex, affecting more women than men. Children can also suffer from the disorder. It can affect people of all ages, backgrounds and body structure. Intensity of pain may vary from one person to the other and be more intense some days than others.

Consequently, the disorder of fibromyalgia continues to confound the medical community in many ways. Due to the increasing awareness of the complexities of the condition, hope for relief of the pain and suffering it causes is strong for the coming years.

New scientific research is reducing the stigma of chronic pain. Researchers are identifying more ways to help sufferers regain their quality of life without turning to opioids or invasive surgery. One such method is the Hummingbird by Vital Motion. There is a 30-day risk-free trial. Use ‘WomenOver50Thrive’ as the discount code when you check out and you will receive free shipping.

Incurable, But Manageable

Although fibromyalgia is incurable, you can effectively manage it.  In addition, self-management strategies such as meditation, exercise, and natural herbs and medications may help to relieve some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.


It is important not to isolate yourself, which can be a tendency. Be aware that depression lurks at the door. Also, you may feel misunderstood or that people don’t believe you. Don’t let those feelings rock your world. REACH OUT!… Because you CAN find someone who does understand and does believe you. There are organizations and support groups and friends etc. that can relate. Fibromyalgia is REAL! Purpose in your heart to…..

Thrive! OK?  robin signature

Some informational sites:





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How To Reduce Wrinkles Around the Eyes – Anti-aging Skin Care

Hi Ladies! One of the most disheartening things I had to face after 50 (even 40) were the wrinkles. I’d wake up some days, look in the mirror and think, “Seriously?!” If you want to know how to reduce wrinkles around the eyes and other areas on your sweet self, read on.

How to Reduce Wrinkles Around the Eyes

 how to reduce wrinkles around the eyes

Our Skin as We Age

There are several factors that affect the quality of our skin as we grow older.  Some of these factors are beyond our control, such as our chronological or actual age and genetics. But the good news is, some aspects are within our power to change or influence.

Lifestyle and diet are the major significant influencing factors. Even so, before you make any changes for the sake of your skin health and appearance, it pays to understand the aging process of your skin.

In Our 40’s

Once you are in your 40’s, the lymphatic system tends to slow down, just like most of the organs and systems inside your body. Unfortunately, this system also plays a vital role in getting rid of toxins from the body.

This decline in the ability to remove toxins as efficiently as before can result in the breaking down of the elastic fibers that are important for supporting the lymph glands. What you will notice as a result is a puffy look around your cheeks and eyes… and you thought she had botched Botox injections!

It is also during your 40’s that your sebum production may decline. This can adversely impact the outer protective coating of the skin, making it more sensitive to environmental influences.

These changes are also accompanied by fluctuating estrogen production. This can cause the skin to look less radiant and firm. It can also lead to the appearance of wrinkles and the start of sagging skin around the neck (see my article on body image and turkey neck) and décolletage area.

If your eyes begin to look a little sunken, this can also be due to bone loss caused by the reduced estrogen production. 

how to reduce wrinkles around the eyes

In Our 50’s

Now your life is just beginning (please click your heels together 3 times while repeating)! So too is a significant drop in collagen production! This is why your skin begins to seriously sag. At this stage of life you may notice the appearance of little pigmentation changes on the skin’s surface. Age spots may start to appear on your face, arms and especially the back of your hands.

These skin blemishes can also be accompanied by the presence of spider veins which are caused by damaged blood vessels. It is also in your 50’s that your skin pores can increase in size. This is because your skin loosens making the openings of the pores appear bigger.

Some women, especially fair women, may experience drier, flakier skin with more wrinkles, than other women who have naturally oilier or darker pigmentation.

Facial hair may also begin to be a problem, as a result of the hormonal imbalances taking place (does anyone else feel like hairs being plucked off your face is felt in the lower regions of hairiness…or is it just me?).

The decline of estrogen production and the decline of collagen leads to a lack of skin moisture and ‘luster’ loss. As a consequence your skin’s elasticity isn’t so springy anymore either!

It is also during this period of a woman’s life that the skin becomes more prone to inflammation. All of these are just wonderful changes aren’t they???

how to reduce wrinkles around the eyes

In Our 60’s

In the next decade some of your hormones may now start to return to their normal levels. So there is good news after all!

However, your fascia, the part that connects your bone to your skin, may begin to deteriorate. This contributes to an increasing loss of your natural skin tone.

So, what is the good news if this is what happens? The good news is your skin sensitivity may lessen compared to previous years. If your skin displayed patchy red areas, it too may begin to appear less discolored.

At this stage, your blood circulation to the skin may tend to decline and this can significantly make your skin look duller. Your lips may become thinner and any wrinkles around the mouth may become more apparent.

To sum it all up, changes to your skin are inevitable as you age. However, the rate of change can be minimized by your actions. Your major concerns regarding skin health as you age should be a focus on a healthy diet and avoidance of dietary and environmental toxins. Please consider investing in a supplement that will reduce cell damage and restore damaged cells. Healthy cells are the key to your health and longevity.

Drink plenty of fresh water to keep your skin well-hydrated at all times, stick to your skin firming rituals and get your necessary sun exposure early in the day.

You seriously have to be thick-skinned (pun intended) during these years ladies! But remember…you’re not alone, and there are things you can do to make a difference. Hopefully, you’ve learned how to reduce wrinkles around the eyes (and other places as well)! So, lift up that turkey neck and…

Thrive! OK?    how to reduce wrinkles around the eyes

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Women Aging Gracefully – 6 Examples of the Upside of Aging

Women Aging Gracefully – The Upside of Aging

women-aging-gracefullyGetting older as a woman can be a real downer (everything seems to be going down…). Women aging gracefully is a popular Google search and for good reason. We want to know how to do it as everything seems to be falling….. Almost every single day, you can come across an article or blog post addressing all the things that can go wrong as you age. I’ve written about some on this site! But I have purposed to balance them with providing upsides too! Yes, there are a few! I’m not going to try and pass growing older off as a magical experience, but some real good times are there for you to experience if you’ll take the time to look. Here are a few:

No More Periods!

Let’s face it; periods were the time of month that you dreaded. You became irritable, moody and felt as bloated as a puffer fish. Cramps, mispositioned tampons, leaking through…. OK, maybe none of those things happened to you. And how about your husband… was he understanding? Did he know to stay at an arm’s length during that time? Or better yet, sleep at a friend’s?

By the time you approach your mid to late forties, you usually encounter the beginning of menopause (though it varies greatly from woman to woman). The period of menopause in itself might be pretty miserable; but once the symptoms cease and you stop seeing your monthly houseguest, life gets so much better.

No longer do you have to worry about it coming at the worst possible time, every month, bringing all its lovely benefits. And I’ll bet you won’t miss the pain and discomfort either! Oh yeah… how about the benefit of not having to use birth control! See… I told you there were a few!

You Don’t Have to Worry About What You Wear

women aging gracefullyAs a young woman, fashion critique is harsh, and often unforgiving. Women seem to eye each other up and down, assessing all the way. However, as you age, it’s still the same hahaha. Seriously, things change a bit and this is probably because of three key factors:

  • You Learn What Works For Your Body – after years of trial and error, you have probably mastered what makes you look best, and flatters the shape of your body.
  • You Care Less What People Think – with age comes wisdom and confidence and you don’t care as much as you used to about what people think of what you’re wearing. I mean, now you can wear red hats with purple clothes and nobody thinks twice. If you’ve never heard of the Red Hat Society, take a look and see if it’s for you. My mom belonged.
  • People Don’t Scrutinize You – luckily, people are not as harsh on older women’s fashion choices compared to young women. People respect your choices, and may even come to you for fashion advice. When that happens, know that you’ve made it as a fashionista. (This will never happen for me as my black sweatpants are my fav!)

You Can Pursue Your Passion

When tasked with raising kids, running a home and possibly having a full-time job, the time that’s left is hardly enough to get a decent bath and sleep. Thus, it’s not strange for young to middle aged women to have a sense of discontentment with where they are at this point in their lives, as they have sacrificed themselves for the greater good. The last thing they want to do is look around at women aging gracefully, that’s for later… much later.

 As an aging woman, you likely have more time on your hands, as the kids are grown, house is less messy and requires less frequent cleanings, and you might not need to work outside the home anymore.

This leaves you ample opportunity to pursue your dreams, whether it be authoring a book, opening a business, earning a professional qualification or even climbing a mountain. The choices are endless.

You Have Higher Self Esteem

It’s amazing to know that as we get older, we feel better about ourselves and care less about what other people think of us. This is the mindset that a woman needs, as strangely enough, women are cannibals to each other.

This seems to be true regardless of social class and wealth, and seems to have more to do with being mindful and self-appreciative. Make sure you live in the NOW and appreciate yourself for the unique person that you are. Remember, there is only one you, forever.

Better Sex

Don’t listen to the dinosaurs who say that you have less sex as you age. Yes, while it is true that your hormone levels had a significant impact on your sex drive, that’s not to say that your body does not still get by on a little of these hormones. women-aging-gracefully

Many experts agree that the 50+ years can be some of the best sex years. Check out this article by Health.com, “8 Reasons Sex Is Better After 50”.

You Become Smarter

Did you know that women aging gracefully includes becoming smarter? Scientifically, the neuronal connections in your brain strengthen, the two sides of your brain become more synergistic, and you have the ability to better retain memories. There is age-related brain decline, but there are things you can do to enhance brain health. You can be a wealth of valuable information for your children and grandchildren.

Listen! It is so easy to hop on the ‘wtf train’ if you concentrate on your youth slipping away in most areas. Aging is so natural, we know it’s coming, and yet when the reality sinks in, that train comes rolling in. Don’t get on it! (I am so preaching to myself!) Wait for the ‘I’m going to be the best damn old person I’ve ever known’ train, get on it, ride it to the end, and…..

Thrive! OK?   women-aging-gracefully 

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Exercises for People with Arthritis – 5 Tips to Improve Mobility

Exercises for People with Arthritis

Exercises for people with arthritis can help to ease pain and increase mobility. For many people, especially those of us getting on in years, arthritis is a debilitating illness. Arthritis causes increased inflammation around the joints that can lead to immobility and pain.


While there are conventional medical treatments that are available for people with arthritis, many wonder what can be done naturally to help improve the pain and mobility. In fact, there are many natural methods to help manage pain and improve mobility.

This article will show you five different alternative therapies and treatments that can help you manage your daily arthritis symptoms and mobility issues.



Web M.D. recommends hydrotherapy as a form of exercise for those with arthritis. Hydrotherapy is similar to exercise in a pool, however, the pool tends to be warmer than a traditional swimming pool (just the way I like it). With hydrotherapy, participants can get all of the benefits of regular exercise without any of the impact on joints.

Having an option for exercise that has zero impact on the joints is a godsend, and can increase mobility as well as range of motion. Many times hydrotherapy is considered a form of physical therapy and may be covered by insurance.

Range of Motion Exercise

Many sufferers of arthritis keep the affected joints in a tightened position to alleviate pain. Unfortunately, this has the unintended side effect of increasing pain because it shortens ligaments and muscles around the affected joint. This means that instead of decreasing pain over the long-term keeping the joints in a tightened position will increase pain.

The Cleveland Clinic recommends all arthritis sufferers participate in range of motion exercises. The range of motion exercises typically includes stretching and extending the joints to their full ability. Some range of motion programs may include yoga or tai chi. Loosen up! OK?

Lose Weight


Because arthritis causes pain and immobility, many sufferers of arthritis have excess weight. The excess weight increases pressure and damage on the joints. The increased pressure and damage on the joints increases pain which causes decreased mobility. It becomes a never- ending cycle of increased pain and decreased mobility. I know, I know!

Mayo Clinic recommends that if you have arthritis, you maintain a healthy body weight. If you’re currently overweight and have a difficult time moving, a healthy body weight can be maintained through proper diet. This is achievable. Believe and achieve! OK?

Exercises for people with arthritis includes maintaining a  healthy weight. A meeting with a dietitian can help you start a healthy diet if you are not sure where to begin. The dietitian or nutritionist may also have ideas on foods that can help decrease inflammation in the body and reduce pain from your arthritis.

Hot and Cold Therapy

One of the benefits of hot and cold therapy is that it can be done at home. The second benefit of hot and cold therapy is that it is very inexpensive. Heating pads and ice packs are usually on hand and if not, they don’t cost a lot of money. Healthline suggests that arthritis sufferers try alternating hot and cold therapy to affected joints to decrease pain.

You may find that some days cold therapy works the best on your arthritic joints while other days a heating pad may be better. Having both on hand to use is going to be the best way to ensure that this therapy is effective at increasing your mobility and decreasing your pain.


The arthritis foundation notes that one of the most beneficial treatments for mobility in arthritis patients is massage. Massage can help increase range of motion simply by relieving tension on stiff muscles and ligaments that surround the arthritic joints.exercises-for-people-with-arthritis

The arthritis foundation says that the best types of massage for people with arthritis are either deep tissue massage or Swedish massage. If you are having a high amount of pain deep tissue massage may be difficult to tolerate because of how deep into the muscle massage therapist will go. Either way, massage therapy is an easily accessible treatment to help increase your range of motion when you have arthritis.

While arthritis will not go away no matter how well you take care of your body, doing these exercises for people with arthritis can help you manage your symptoms and stop the progression of the disease. If you need to, you can combine medication with these holistic approaches to treatment. Practicing these tips will help you toward pain-relief and better mobility! Here is a link to the Arthritis Foundation, where you can find local offices and resources! Reach out for the help you need, join a group of others who can relate – it really does help), and…..

Thrive! OK?   exercises-for-people-with-arthritis

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STOP SNORING WOMEN!stop snoring women

This is not just a man’s problem (as you already know)! Stop snoring women caught your eye because YOU snore and want to stop, or someone right next to you snores and you want to stop them! And no matter who, your sleep is affected and it’s time to do something about it. Right?!? OK!

I remember going on a few women’s retreats and there were always stories flying the very first morning… “You can’t believe how loud So-and-So snores!” “I didn’t sleep a wink because Whoosie snored all night!”

“I’m never sleeping with You Know Who ever again! Lumberjack! She sawed logs all night!”  

stop snoring women

Anyway, it appears snoring has affected you in some way and it’s time to stop snoring women! I discovered a stop-snoring aid quite by accident. It’s called the Good Morning Snore Solution! It is rarely a good morning when you or someone near you snores, so the name in itself brings some hope.

The Good Morning Snore Solution’s journey began in 2007 as a solution to a need for a more convenient and economical solution for patients suffering from sleep apnea and snoring. CPAP and custom mandibular appliances were the rule of the day, but sleep researchers saw the need for alternatives. The task was undertaken by Dr. Leslie Dort, a dentist and sleep researcher from Calgary. She was the one who created the initial prototypes and conducted all the testing for safety and effectiveness.

stop snoring womenDr. Nancy Markley, another Calgarian, first saw the device in 2007, and listened to the stories of people adversely affected by snoring and sleep apnea. She founded MPowrx in a quest to bring this innovation to those seeking relief worldwide.

In the company’s words, “What makes our products unique? Unlike other anti-snoring devices, the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece takes a unique approach by using a suction effect to gently pull the tongue forward, creating a clear airway resulting in a comfortable and quiet night’s sleep.”

Stop Snoring Women!                                                           …..Try the Good Morning Snore Solution !

Here are a few testimonials:

stop snoring women

stop snoring women

Try the Good Morning Snore Solution RISK FREE-30 Days!

In Closing… SLEEP IS SO IMPORTANT!!!  We must do our very best to get the best, restful sleep possible. If snoring is an issue, than it’s time to be proactive and find a solution. Don’t give up! You need to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to meet the day! I’ll be covering other sleep stealers soon. Until then…

THRIVE! OK? stop snoring women


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The Early Symptoms of Fibromyalgia


Although men and children can suffer and show the early symptoms of fibromyalgia, the disorder is most common among women. Eighty to ninety percent of those affected are women, and most are diagnosed sometime during middle age. You are more likely to develop fibromyalgia if you have a close relative with the disorder. 

The Early Symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

One of the reasons that fibromyalgia is so difficult to diagnose is that it mimics so many symptoms of other diseases and disorders. It can parallel them to such an extent that it’s difficult to acquire a diagnosis without undertaking medical tests to rule out other conditions.

Generalized Pain

Pain may occur anywhere over the entire body, making it difficult for medical professionals to diagnose the underlying cause. Especially vulnerable to pain are tender areas of the body such as the legs, arms, hips, neck and shoulders. Severe pain may occur when pressure is put on these points, much like pressing on a deep bruise.

Mental and Emotional Effectsthe-early-symptoms-of fibromyalgia

Cognitive problems (also called “fibro fog”) may occur with those suffering from fibromyalgia. Many sufferers of fibromyalgia become depressed or suffer severe anxiety as performing every day activities becomes increasingly difficult.

Headaches, restless leg syndrome and numbness of the hands and feet are also common symptoms.

Pain and Fatigue

Chronic pain and extreme fatigue are the most common complaints of fibromyalgia sufferers. Muscle spasms often accompany the fatigue and pain so that sleep or engaging in any activity becomes a major problem.

This can lead to sleep deprivation and inability to concentrate or perform day to day chores or engage socially with others.

Compromised Immune System

Over time, the combination of physical and mental symptoms can wear the patient down, leading to emotional issues such as depression.

The chronic nature of the condition can also have a negative impact on the immune system. It can render the body less able to defend itself against environmental effects.

This in turn means increased susceptibility to things like cold and flu viruses. It can also cause those conditions to last a lot longer. Also, the pain, discomfort, and feelings of lethargy of subsequent infections are more strongly experienced.


Sensitivity to a Wide Range of Stimuli

Sensitivity to touch is also a major complaint of those with the disorder. Even a light blanket might feel like a heavy weight on top of you. A layman’s summary might describe fibromyalgia as causing hypersensitivity to most areas of existence. For the sufferer, this translates to unreasonable and persistent feelings of pain and discomfort.

The early symptoms of fibromyalgia are not always diagnosed or recognized as fibromyalgia. Depression, pain, exhaustion, memory lapses etc. are common, especially in women over 50. Take into consideration all the early symptoms of fibromyalgia, and then insist upon a test if there is a remote possibility. Your doctor can perform a test involving the touching of 18 ‘tender points’ throughout your body.

There Is No Cure – New Treatment for Fibromyalgia 

Unfortunately, there is not a cure for fibromyalgia. Different methods are used to manage it. Hummingbird by Vital Motion is one such method. They completed product development on the Hummingbird about 8 months ago and launched sales about 3 months ago. You can read the testimonials of recent customers when you visit their site.               the-early-symptoms-of-fibromyalgia

There is a 30-day, risk-free trial. Also, I was able to work out a free shipping offer with the company for my readers. All you need to do is use discount code “WomenOver50Thrive” at checkout to receive free shipping on your order!

I have no personal experience with fibromyalgia, but I know one person who does and she goes through hell. Hopefully, Vital Motion’s Hummingbird can bring much needed relief to any who have need. I thought it a little ironic that I have a picture of a beautiful hummingbird as my site’s main photo. Hopefully it’s a sign of good things to come for my readers. Please let me know your results. Until then…..

         Thrive! OK?  robin-signature. png   

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Natural Relief For Hot Flashes –

Hot flashes are experienced by 3/4 of all women undergoing menopause, making it the number one symptom of menopause. This makes natural relief for hot flashes an extremely hot topic (pun intended). Hot flashes involve a temporary sensation of heat coming off the body, sometimes associated with sweating or flushing of the skin. They can last from 30 seconds to 10 minutes and can be extremely annoying and debilitating.

At one time, hormone replacement therapy was the go-to treatment for women experiencing severe menopausal symptoms. Further studies through the years showed that the risks outweighed the benefits. Because of this, many women turned to natural remedies for menopausal symptoms.

8 Ways to Find Natural Relief for Hot Flashes


You Need to Take Off Layers!

1. Simple changes in behavior. This includes learning how to dress in layers so that you can take off layers of clothing when the hot flashes become intense. It also includes having ice water handy so you can sip on it when the hot flashes start. You can also wear light pajamas that are loose-fitting and use bed linens made with cotton that breathe better and can reduce the incidence of night sweats.

2. Herbal relief. While studies of their effectiveness are mixed, many women       use herbal remedies to control symptoms of menopause, including hot               flashes. Here are a few of the most popular:

    • blackcohosh-natural-remedies-for-menopauseBlack cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa). Studies have shown that it is natural relief for hot flashes, profuse perspiration, headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, nervousness, depression, and sleep disturbance. Women with liver disease or those taking high blood pressure medication should use caution when using this herb.
    • chasteberry-natural-remedies-for-menopauseChaste Berry (Vitex agnus-castus). Relief can be found for mood swings, irritability, breast tenderness, bloating and menstrual cramps. It should not be ingested by those taking                               the pill or other hormonal contraceptives. 
    • redclover-natural-remedies-for-menopauseRed clover (Trifolium pratense).  This relief-giving herb has been clinically proven to reduce night sweats by 75% and can also relieve insomnia. It can also provide a protective effect on                         the heart and bones.
    • sage-natural-remedies-for-menopauseSage (Salvia officinalis). Sage acts as a regulator for the hypothalamus (our body’s thermostat and other roles), which means it rocks as relief for hot flashes and night sweats. It also                         acts as a memory aid and can bring relief to the muddled mind                         which often comes along with menopause.

  • valerian-natural-remedies-menopauseValerian (Valeriana officinalis). This brings relief to those suffering from sleep disturbances caused by anxiety, with no morning after-effects.
  • St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum). This is well-known for relief from mild depression which many menopausal women experience because of all the changes taking place.
  • Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea). Tired all the time? Stressed? Sleeping badly? Poor concentration and memory? Rhodiola may provide the relief you are looking for.

3. Acupuncture. Acupuncture can decrease the incidence and intensity of hot   flashes without side effects that you can have if you are taking medication.       A study out of the British Medical Journal in 2011 showed that women who     chose acupuncture for menopausal symptoms, had fewer hot flashes and         other menopausal-related symptoms.

4. Eating a well-balanced diet. This means eating more fruits, vegetables,           seeds, nuts and healthy fats. Much as menopause might drive us to drink,         consuming it can be a trigger for hot flashes. The decision is yours. Also,           avoid foods high in sugar and unsaturated fats.woman-holding-sun-manage-heat-hot-flashes

5. Meditation. Mindfulness   meditation involves a deep focus of experiences on a moment-to-moment basis. A study by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health found mindfulness training reduced the intensity of hot flashes and also other menopause symptoms such as anxiety, stress, and insomnia. It also increased the overall quality of life of those in the study.

6. Quit smoking. Smoking can trigger   hot flashes; so, make every attempt to quit. Smoking can be a trigger for hot flashes; and it is detrimental to your health in more ways than one. Try vaping, only as a bridge to quitting. 

7. Get regular exercise. Aerobic exercise has been found to decrease the             intensity and frequency of hot flashes. Take part in any physical activity             that increases the heart rate and respiratory rate. Aerobic exercises                     include brisk walking, jogging, cycling, running, swimming, tennis and, to         some degree, golf. Try engaging in anaerobic exercise, which involves                 lifting weights or doing resistance exercises using your own body weight.

8. LAUGH!!! Please laugh as often as possible. Read my article on                         laughter >>>here<<<! Also, Did you know laughter was EXERCISE?

The advantages of natural relief for hot flashes include: 1) little or no side effects 2) completely safe in the right doses, and 3) there is an undeniable sense that you are in sync with nature. By utilizing all the healing herbs available for your health and well-being, you are doing the very best you can for your mind, body and soul. Take care, and….

Thrive! OK?    robin-signature. png

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Depression and Fatigue – Fatigue and Depression

Depression and Fatigue 

Depression and fatigue are companions. It is hard to hear, but depression is a mental illness. It sounds so severe. But we need to call it what it is. Just like a cold is a physical illness, depression is a mental illness. And just as a cold is a common physical illness, depression іѕ a соmmоn mental illness.woman-statue-depression-and-fatigue

Fatigue is one оf іtѕ mаjоr symptoms. Pеорlе mау hаvе fatigue related tо depression thаt mаkеѕ іt dіffісult tо раrtісіраtе іn dаіlу асtіvіtіеѕ. Evеn those who hаvе bееn treated fоr depression mау hаvе оngоіng fаtіguе. Selective ѕеrоtоnіn rеuрtаkе іnhіbіtоrѕ (wow right? let’s say drugs) соmmоnlу uѕеd tо trеаt depression tend nоt tо mаkе you mоrе fаtіguеd, but іt dоеѕn’t аlwауѕ lift thе fatigue associated wіth this соndіtіоn.

Fatigue is its own entity. Because you feel exhausted, уоu mау not wаnt to do аnуthіng fun or healthy, аnd іt often іntеrfеrеѕ wіth уоur аbіlіtу tо ѕееk help fоr thе dерrеѕѕіоn. Consequently, it саn be a сусlісаl рrоblеm wіth fatigue lеаdіng tо a lасk of аbіlіtу tо dо things, whісh lеаdѕ to a dерrеѕѕеd ѕtаtе оf mind аnd еvеn mоrе fаtіguе. Yes, they’re companions for sure.

The Treatment of Fatigue in Depression

Fаtіguе іn depression can bе аѕѕосіаtеd wіth the lасk оf ѕlеер, іnасtіvіtу, оr wіth ѕоmе of thе antidepressants uѕеd in the mаnаgеmеnt of depression. Evеn whеn treated, dерrеѕѕіоn саn be associated wіth оngоіng fаtіguе. Often thе fаtіguе іѕ rеlаtеd tо thе dерrеѕѕіоn, but it can bе duе tо оthеr соndіtіоnѕ unrеlаtеd tо depression; so if іt реrѕіѕtѕ for tоо long, a wоrkuр fоr оthеr causes оf depression nееdѕ tо take place. If іt is duе tо thе mеdісаtіоn, a сhаngе tо аnоthеr antidepressant may be іn оrdеr.

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If the depressed реrѕоn ѕееѕ a thеrаріѕt, thеу mау tаlk about wауѕ tо rеduсе fаtіguе associated wіth depression. Sоmе wауѕ tо соре wіth dерrеѕѕіоn-rеlаtеd fatigue іnсludе staying рhуѕісаllу асtіvе, ѕосіаlіzіng mоrе with frіеndѕ оr rеlаtіvеѕ, trуіng not tо do tоо much аll at оnсе, аnd bеіng rеаlіѕtіс аbоut goal-setting rеgаrdіng dаіlу асtіvіtіеѕ.

Lifestyle Tips in Fighting Depression and Fatigue

There аrе things thаt саn bе dоnе to reduce the level оf fatigue іn people struggling with dерrеѕѕion. Sоmе hеlрful tірѕ іnсludе thе fоllоwіng:

• Gеt Exеrсіѕе. Dаіlу exercise can hеlр thе depressed person sleep bеttеr ѕо thеу саn аwаkеn rеfrеѕhеd аnd lеѕѕ fatigued throughout the dау. Exеrсіѕе саn bе еnеrgіzіng, which іѕ the орроѕіtе оf what оnе mіght thіnk. Exercising fоr 30 mіnutеѕ a day doing something enjoyable can go along way tо battle fatigue. My friend Linda has an exercise program for women over 50. You can read it about it >>>HERE<<<! Please let her know that I said hi!

• Eat bеttеr.Eating a diet high in saturated fats саn соntrіbutе to fаtіguе. Diets thаt include eating complex carbohydrates саn еnеrgіzе you. Examples include fruіtѕ, vegetables, and sprouted grаіnѕ. These are mоrе ѕlоwlу digested that fооdѕ соntаіnіng simple carbohydrates, lіkе саndу, pastries, whіtе brеаd аnd sodas, which can cause you to crash deeper into fatigue.

veggies-foods-for-depression-fatigue. jpg          heart with exercising figures inside          woman-dog-sleeping-on-couch

• Sleep using gооd sleep hаbіtѕ. It іѕ іmроrtаnt to gеt еnоugh sleep in оrdеr tо fight fatigue. You саn sleep bеttеr if уоu dоn’t еаt hеаvу mеаlѕ before bedtime, ѕlеер only at nіght, hаvе a rеgulаr sleep hаbіt, аnd аvоіd tаkіng in stimulants such аѕ саffеіnе аnd аlсоhоl tоо сlоѕе tо bеdtіmе. Rеgulаr еxеrсіѕе саn improve ѕlеер. Uѕing thе bеdrооm оnlу for ѕlеерing аnd intimate times is good practice, as is kеерing the bedroom аrеа dark, quiet, and соmfоrtаblе.

Depression and Fatigue Can Be Conquered

While it is a very serious condition, keep in mіnd that dерrеѕѕіоn and fatigue are hіghlу trеаtаblе. Therefore, it іѕ іmроrtаnt tо ѕееk professional hеlр if уоur dерrеѕѕіоn іѕ ongoing аnd іntеrfеrіng wіth уоur еvеrуdау lіfе. If you can’t see yourself going the ‘professional’ route, consider learning skills from someone who has walked through 30 years of depression and fatigue, and has come out to live free from them for 5+ years. Benefit from one woman’s victorious journey here: Heal Depression Naturally – No Therapy – No Drugs

In closing, there is help all around. Please don’t try to manage and live life alone. You can have joy in your life if you purpose to! Reach out and embrace your joy. Don’t wait another minute!

In case you didn’t read, I have a degree in Psychology/Life Coaching and will respond to you if you send an email (robin@womenover50thrive.com). Most importantly, you’re the only you there is so…..

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10 Keys to Healthy Aging

10 Keys to Healthy Aging

We are faced with decisions throughout our lives, and sometimes we don’t see the fruit of those decisions until later on in life. Unless we were taught or came upon10-keys-to-healthy-aging healthy aging tips in our younger days, we often end up in ‘eraser’ mode. Erase those lines! … and those spots! Erase those inches and saggy skin! You get it… and if you’re noticing these things, fret not! You’re not alone… and it’s never too late to make some positive changes. Again, these keys are being presented, but it’s your decision. Choose life!

 10 Keys To Healthy Aging:

1. Physical Activity

The need for exercise does not decrease with age. Think of your body as an automobile; the first few years are virtually trouble free, with only basic maintenance necessary. However, as you accumulate mileage, wear and tear occur and more maintenance is needed. Think of bone loss, reduced hormone levels and the reduced ability to recuperate, as aging factors that can be remedied with a good dose of exercise. Be sure to include both cardiovascular and resistance exercise into your program, keeping the heart, bones, brain and muscles strong. Fifteen minutes a day doing something you enjoy is all it takes. You can take a look >>>here<<< for exercise info.

2. Sleep

woman-sleeping-in-chair-healthy-agingOlder adults require as much sleep as toddlers, and yet the statistics show this is rarely the case. And we certainly know how our sleep is disturbed during menopause, right ladies? Lack of sleep is often the reason for depression and anxiety at this time in our lives. And if that isn’t enough, snoring can become an issue also. Sleep stimulates the release of growth hormone, which decreases as we age. According to an article by Debra Ronco in How Stuff Works Health, “Moving into our late 60s and beyond, our skin becomes less elastic. Our joints and bones may become brittle. Medical conditions like heart disease or cancer become more likely as our bodies are unable to repair themselves the way they used to. At this point, the levels of HGH in our bodies are only one-fifth or less of what they were during youth.” As you can see, sleep plays an important part.

3. Practice Prevention

We just learned that as we age, the need for preventative medical treatment increases. However, fewer older adults visit the doctor preventatively. Many falls, injuries and fractures of the elderly can be avoided by attending regularly scheduled clinic visits, during which advance preventative directives are issued. At a minimum, a semi-annual checkup is warranted, with increased frequency if suffering from pre-existing conditions.

4. Have Sex!


First off, don’t be misled by the myth that sex is unimportant once you hit the golden years. Sex is in fact one of the strongest mood elevators, anti-depressants and stress relievers known to man; so, in the words of Marvin Gaye, “Let’s get it on!” Of course, don’t go all crazy and injure yourself during this healthy practice, but keep those hormones active and all the relative parts working well! Sexual activity is also a good cardiovascular workout, and everyone knows cardio is good for you!

5. Ditch Bad Habits

Drinking excessive alcohol is very detrimental to the healthy aging process, and it’s even worse when coupled with smoking.
Smoking is notorious for accelerating aging, deterioration of skin, increasing cancer risk, inciting cardiac episodes, and generally worsening your quality of life. Make a conscious effort to kick those bad habits before they lead you to an early grave. >>>QUIT SMOKING<<<  or at least begin by >>>VAPING<<< (it has been shown to help people quit).

6. Healthy Eating

apples-healthy-eating-healthy-agingDiets high in refined and processed sugars, friend foods and saturated fats pave the way to heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. We have a wealth of information on this subject today. The general rule of thumb is to eat as many whole foods as possible. Whole foods are unprocessed and unrefined, and as close to its natural form as possible i.e. fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc.

7. Socialize

Studies show that people in the later years who have formed a social circle experience greater feelings of well-being. There are many ways to stay involved in this world, and you owe it to yourself to seek them out. Isolation is a major factor in unhealthy aging. Children, grandchildren, friends, the poor and needy, can all use the life skills we’ve developed throughout the years. Sharing them will keep us young!

8. Meditation/Spiritual Practice


An article by Lewis Richmond in the Huffington Post states,”Researchers have found three factors that reliably increase happiness as we grow older — gratitude, generosity and reframing (seeing your situation from a more positive perspective).” Letting things go (forgiveness), being thankful, and giving of ourselves and our resources, can play a major role in our healthy aging quest.

9. Exercise Your Brain

All of the above practices will have an excellent effect on your brain if you choose to exercise them. There are many ways to exercise your brain including reading, taking a class, listening to music, doing puzzles, teaching, volunteering etc. The key to great brain health is the same as the keys to healthy aging. If you do all the above, chances are you’ll carry a healthy brain through the golden years.

10. Purpose To Thrive!

In conclusion, so many things can drag us down into the pit of despair, but we have the power to say, “NO!” Apply the 10 keys to healthy aging and choose to thrive, even if you find yourself on a road you didn’t choose. You can still choose to rise above, and be a shining example of healthy aging! SO….

Thrive! OK?  food for brain health

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Tom Brady Gisele Bundchen – and the Missing Jersey

I am writing this article because I found myself troubled after the Superbowl game. Tom Brady Gisele Bundchen – and the missing jersey became my focus, as I couldn’t for the life of me comprehend that Tom’s jersey was taken. Oh sure! Maybe certain people give thought to such things, but actually carrying them through? With swarms of security, other players, media and such? Consequently, I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open for quite a few minutes in disbelief.

Much as I hate to admit it, there are some people who can’t stand Tom Brady. I for one am a big fan of Tom and Gisele, and a Patriot’s fan from my earliest days. I can remember when the Patriot’s never went to the Superbowl and when it seemed they never would. In my opinion, Tom Brady is doing it right, with family, friends, teammates and business. His stolen jersey probably doesn’t mean a lot to some, but the man’s personal belongings were stolen and it’s a crime.

tom-brady-gisele-bundchen-missing-jersey The first thing I thought was that Edelman must have taken it as a practical joke. I’m not sure why, but I know they’re friends and ‘all in good jest’ right? But when a prankster didn’t come forth soon after the incident, the speculation started. Was theft, revenge, fanaticism? Then came feelings of sorrow & compassion … yes emotions. The guy had to deal with this and I didn’t want him to have to.

He brought so much joy to Patriot’s fans and c’mon! What a game! Football fans had to appreciate the record breaking play of the New England Patriots. For someone to do this was just heartless. I would feel that way if anyone had their belongings stolen. It’s a terrible feeling. I heard the value could be in the vicinity of $400,000. The money isn’t the issue. It’s that he should have been able to do whatever he wanted with the shirt. Charity, personal reminder, mom, whatever…tom-brady-gisele-bundchen-missing-jersey

Where was security? Certainly, in this day of high-ticketed memorabilia someone should have been assigned to keep an eye on things while he gave the news conference right? Maybe it wasn’t premeditated and just seemed like a good idea at the time?!? (NOT)!! What are your thoughts about this and thanks for listening to an old ladies’ rant about this injustice. I hope the case of Tom Brady Gisele Bundchen – and the Missing Jersey is solved. I hope the shirt comes back, just like the Patriots did.



HOUSTON, TX – FEBRUARY 05: Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots throws a pass against the Atlanta Falcons during Super Bowl 51 at NRG Stadium on February 5, 2017 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)


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