Finding Love Over 50 – Where Do I Find Love?

finding love over 50Have you been wondering, “Is finding love over 50 possible? Where do I find love?” Well… relationships. What can I say? By this time in our lives, we have had our fair share of them. We were born into a family or placed into a family or orphanage.

Through the years, relationships are formed, good or bad or indifferent. Then we go to school, church, etc. and more relationships are formed. Then we join clubs, sports teams, exercise classes, support groups etc., and even more relationships are formed.

Of course, one relationship stands out above all the rest… our husband, wife, life partner or significant other. It can be the most rewarding of all if we find the right person and can truly commit to the challenge of meshing two individuals into a mutually fulfilling existence. finding love over 50

I will be vulnerable and tell you that I was not good relationship material (at least in the mate department) in any years before my 30’s. I had too much ‘past’ to bring much positivity into a relationship. I was funny and popular, but getting close was hard because I was too needy and either expected too much or not enough. It’s funny how they could both be operating at the same time, but I am schizophrenic and so am I!

I was married for the second time in 1985 at the age of 29. The two of us married because we believed it was right for us at the time. Long story here ladies… maybe another time.

Personally, my emotional health started getting better as I had children, and faced the things that happened to me in my own childhood. I was healed of so much and honestly, it was what I believed to be God’s word that brought the healing to me. I had three beautiful children and my ex-husband was an excellent dad; but our relationship was difficult at best, and really never matured into a mutually beneficial partnership. We separated in 2003 and divorced in 2005.

I began looking for a partner. At the time, I wasn’t sure if it would be a male or female. Since I was very young, I had more of an attraction to women than men. There were no examples of this kind of relationship when I was young, and from what I gathered, unacceptable. I kept trying to find the right guy.

Is Finding Love Over 50 Possible? Where Can I Find Love?

I went on dating sites. I tried them all, some of them twice. I was scammed a couple of times (THEY KNOW WHAT TO TELL A LONELY GIRL), but I caught on to the lingo and eventually decided to stop trying.findingloveover50

FAST FORWARD to 2012. I did not want to do life alone. I like to share and take care and have someone close by to laugh and talk with and to hold at night. I joined for the third time. I actually did one profile for men and one for women. I prayed for the right person to come along.

I dated two different guys one time, and they were not good experiences. “I’ll call you they said,” knowing full well it wasn’t the truth. I also had numerous conversations (emails) that went nowhere.

Then I reached out to a woman who biked and hiked and skied. I told her I was interested in hiking (of course my interest in it was ‘why the heck would anyone want to do it?’). I knew I could do a hike, and have a conversation about it if it went that far.

findingloveover50Anyway, that was 4 years ago this July 16th. We have a beautiful home on a pond, and it is a mutually beneficial relationship in every way. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing, but we’ve grown in all the trials, and enjoy each other’s company so much. I am so glad I tried once more.

Maybe you are single and happy just the way things are. Maybe you are single and don’t want to be, but are discouraged by the whole ‘dating’ process. Or maybe you’re up for the hunt! Whatever your situation, you need to know what you want and believe it can be! Don’t give up on finding love over 50 if that is what you truly want.

If you are asking, “Where do I find love,” then I can tell you that finding love over 50 is possible and I found it through It is the most successful dating site in the world and offers you the most choices. If you know you would like to share the best years of your life with someone, click on and let the adventure begin!

Thrive! OK? findingloveover50

finding love over 50

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7 years ago

Wow Robin, what an amazing site. You have everything on it!, each page is a treat for the eyes,and thats before you even look at the writing. Being over 50 myself, I can relate to almost the whole site. I have to say, the piece about forgiveness really got to me, in this modern era of what seems rushed and disposable relationships, you struck a cord. I too decided to forgive and forget somethings a few years ago. You are absolutely right, it makes you feel free again 🙂 I also love how you dont say we must eat and… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Debbie

Hahahaha! I know… I have the color enhancer they sent me, but I want to do it right. I just colored my hair last week so will wait two more and then do it. So glad you enjoyed the site. I’m doing the best I can right now with limited time, but have some good ideas for when I retire Sept. 1st. Gosh I love saying that! 🙂 I appreciate all your comments, especially on the forgiveness article. It’s a tough subject, but needed for our well-being. I see you came in on the Finding Love Over 50 post. Something… Read more »

jane stannard
7 years ago

Hi Robin, what a beautiful and honest account of the relationships in your life. I can certainly relate to the ups and downs of relationships with men. I was in my thirties when i too found a perfect relationship with a woman, we have been together 17 years now and I’ve never been happier. Love crosses gender boundaries I find, Its more a meeting of the minds that provides harmony and longevity.

7 years ago

I’m fortunate enough to have found love over 50, at the exact age of 50. I’m now very happily married to my beautiful wife. And I met her through a dating site.

Your article is a positive one, and I’m testament to back up your claims that we can truly find love after 50. Good luck to everyone. I hope you find your happiness.

7 years ago
Reply to  Darren

Good for you Darren! Because you were on a dating site, it tells me you really wanted a partner for the journey of life. Most of us do, as most of us believe life is so much more enjoyable when shared with an intimate partner. It’s important not to give up if this is how you feel. I also believe that being single is a great time for self reflection and improvement…. and finding happiness in achieving other goals you have set for yourself. It can only help you bring more happiness into a new relationship when it comes your… Read more »

Nicki V
Nicki V
7 years ago

What a beautiful article that women of all ages can relate to. I’m 35 and single and I’ve had my fair share of relationships. I was in an 8 year common law relationship and then anot her 4 year one right after. It’s funny how when you think you’ve settled down, life throws you for a loop. My mother is in her 50s and trying to find love again after her 18 year marriage. I know she keeps trying to find someone online, but never finds anyone she connects with. I’ll have to point her to this article to maybe… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Nicki V

I think the important thing is to really get in touch with how you want to live out your life. Some people are OK alone and can thrive there. I found lack without having someone to come home to, share happy times with, have my back in difficult times. Therefore, I didn’t give up on the search. While looking, I did positive things to reach other goals. Hope your mom is successful in her search. And how about you Miss Nicki? Where did the last loop take you? Thanks for stopping by…. Robin

7 years ago
Reply to  Robin

I haven’t found him yet sadly. But I’m not giving up any time soon! I do miss the companionship of being in a relationship and I do long for certain elements that I had in my pervious relationships as well. When you hit a few dead ends in your search, and can make you lose all motivation to keep looking in that same spot (online dating). Since I’ve been in non-stop relationships since I was 18 and single for only the last 2 years (with small relationships inbetween ), I really feel like I’ve needed this time to figure myself… Read more »

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