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Find Joy in Your Life – Live Longer and Feel Better

Find Joy in Your Life – Live Longer and Feel Better To find joy in your life, to live longer and feel better, you need only to stop chasing the impossible. The quest for longer life has fascinated mankind for … Continue reading

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Women Aging Gracefully – 6 Examples of the Upside of Aging

Women Aging Gracefully – The Upside of Aging Getting older as a woman can be a real downer (everything seems to be going down…). Women aging gracefully is a popular Google search and for good reason. We want to know how … Continue reading

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Holiday Stress Relievers

Holiday Stress Relievers! Thе holiday ѕеаѕоn can be a tіmе to relax, rejuvenate and refresh OR… they can have you pulling your hair out, in a puddle of tears, and needing some holiday stress relievers! Pаrtіеѕ, ѕhорріng, entertaining, rеlіgіоuѕ оbѕеrvаnсеѕ, … Continue reading

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MyPoints.Com Rewards Program – Online Shopping Rewards

The MyPoints.Com Rewards Program is one of the best rewards programs going. I have been a member since September of 2008 and have earned over 250,000 lifetime points. Considering an average $25 gift card is around 3700 points, I could … Continue reading

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